December 2022

JMC Limited entire staff takes this opportunity to wish a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous new year to all of our clients and connections!

JMC Limited saves big money for you on your onboard paint maintenance!
It is our experience that paint, equipment and consumables bought for the running paint maintenance onboard vessels is a major cost factor, much more than need to be. For this reason, it makes much sense to perform a detailed study into the purchases made and what is done with the expensive items put onboard.
It is not sensible to buy a lot of paint if not used correctly, enough paint not applied or not used at all. It does not make any sense to buy material and equipment for surface preparation and painting if it is utilized correctly.
We dare to make a statement that our support in streamlining the paint, equipment and consumables purchases along with optimizing the crew onboard paint maintenance work and at the same time reduce the paint waste can significantly lower the Operating expenses.
In our experience the savings can be more than 30%
Further if proper onboard hands-on training is given to the crew, the output of the crew maintenance will increase by 2-3 times, and the lifetime of the paint repairs will be increased by 4-5 times. Overall precious expensive time is saved. Time which may be used for other purposes in a time where more and more requirements are implemented by authorities.
This all ending up in sounder vessels with a lot more pleasing appearance for all involved and the knowledge by the owner that the maintenance cost is not getting out of hand, and very importantly it will not increase proportionally as the vessels grow older.
As a total package we propose following initiatives to be implemented to benefit from our long experience with paint consultancy and paint maintenance.
✔️ Shoreside scrutiny of paint procedures and requirements set up for crew (Gathering data)
✔️ Paint Store scrutiny vessel by vessel – Direct effect on paint and equipment purchase (Gathering data)
✔️ Effective tools and spare part planning
✔️ Onboard paint maintenance hands-on training 
✔️ Simple paint maintenance guides that are introduced and implemented during the onboard hands-on training
✔️ Follow up on all the implemented measures
The above initiatives are all important factors in the task to reduce OPEX significantly.

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