JMC Limited is an expert service provider within the fields of corrosion management, preventive paint maintenance and general consultancy in the marine industry.

JMC Limited was founded in 2017 and our extensive expertise in the field of corrosion mitigation is based on the combined experience of all our employees.

Our main objective is to ensure savings for our clients based on our experience and sound considerations.

We have successfully supported many major shipping companies concerning corrosion management of their assets.

We always aim to elevate the quality of the entire surface treatment process by foresight and an innovative approach, as this will increase the lifetime of the assets.


Martin Leif Jennet

Managing Director

Client care

New concepts development

Technical support

Pre-docking surveys

Crew paint maintenance seminars

Yeonhong Chung

Technical Manager

Technical support

Paint specification review

Paint process optimization

Project management

Tina Bang Jennet

Internal Support Manager

Project monitoring

Purchase handling

HR responsible

Pre-docking support

Per Gabrielsson

Surface Integrity Manager (SIM)

Paint supervision

Paint specification review

Paint process optimization

Technical paint support

JMC Riding team

50+ Great guys best at what they do!

Tank cleaning


Abrasive blasting


All types of paint application

Pitting repair by ceramic coating

Excellent cooperation with crew


Thomas Piller


One more time I just want to praise the great performance of your guys onboard AIDAaura. They did a brilliant job all over the past months. I highly recommend your good company within our fleet.

Torsten Beuermann


The JMC team is very well set and working independently, accurate and without any problems. They deliver very good results and as well their commitment to their job is very obvious. from my side, all works which have been performed by them are spotless from good quality and if needed, they are always welcomed again. As well it should be stated that they really behave very well while on-board and did respect all regulatory and procedural requirements to the full extent. All in all it was a pleasure to work with them here on our good AIDAaura.

Mario Fois


Very good performance of your team. I'm satisfied of all tank works they have done and always on time and precise. Maksym is a good leader and always provided feedback and suggestions. Also want to highlight the good behaviour in the public spaces and cooperation with the crew.